Pair of piglets


Give a gift that grows – Pigs provide an income to families living in abject poverty by providing offspring for sale at the market. One sow can produce 12-15 babies a year, and within six months a piglet can weigh 200 pounds. Not only will these families have an ongoing income from the pigs that will help break the cycle of poverty, but it is also teaching them skills for the future and they will no longer live day to day and hand to mouth.

Pigs are practical animals, flourishing in the harsh Himalayan climate while producing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens.

All needy families partaking in the HHCP Nepal goat and pig sponsorship programme must sign an agreement prior to being the recipient of donor goats or pigs. This agreement states that their children must attend school and they must participate in the micro-savings programme which requires the family to participate in monthly banking.

Donors will receive a profile of the recipient family.