Earthquake Recovery

After the quake, HHCP Nepal immediately mobilised with immediate earthquake donations to deliver vital relief supplies to the remote Rasuwa District communities supplying 2,000kg rice, cooking essentials, tents and tarps for many thousands of hungry and homeless. This is just the beginning of the recovery efforts.

home remains in Jibajibe village

home remains in Jibajibe village

The Rasuwa District was very close to the initial earthquake epicentre and took an incredible hit. Many thousands of lives were lost. Langtang Village was buried under 8 metres of ice and mud losing all 475 occupants. Many other villages had to be airlifted to safety, and many further villages completely decimated and now barren with all inhabitants fleeing to safer land. In total 97% of families lost their homes equating to approximately 55,000 homeless and now living in refugee camps or makeshift shelters.

HHCP Nepal felt the next step in the short term recovery phase was to help the now 12,300 homeless Rasuwa families put a roof over their head in readiness for the oncoming monsoon.

With earthquake donations HHCP Nepal was able to provide galvanised iron for over 1,260 of these neediest families.

Harikrishna and the people of rural Nepal have such heartfelt gratitude for the generosity of all donors post-earthquake.

The key to long term recovery in terms of restructuring these communities in infrastructure, education and health, and income generation will be long term support and close partnerships. The mission of HHCP Nepal has not changed, but the need for its services has increased enormously.

This has been the deadliest natural disaster in Nepal’s history, and the rebuilding efforts will take years. Amid the destruction, our rural Nepali communities need us now more than ever.

Sponsor child Bishwash Tamang's new home

Sponsor child Bishwash Tamang’s new home

The committees of HHCP Nepal have identified the most pressing key initiatives to enable these communities to begin the recovery. The ensuing re-structuring process will be:

  • School Building and Support (link) – constructing schools hand-in-hand with local communities will help begin the long process of recovery and re-engage thousands of children back into schools. Once construction is complete, the need is also paramount to adequately resource these remote schools.
  • Education Sponsorships (link) – now more than ever there will be many more children that will require the assistance of an education sponsorship to engage or retain them in the school community.
  • Give a Gift That Grows (link) – the provision of goats or pigs for a family in rural Nepal ensuring a stream of income generation and learned skills for the future.

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