• School Projects Update October 2016

    Short term plan for HHCP Nepal is to re-build Ghormu School. The medium term plan is the build of a new boarding school. This boarding school will enable the rural orphans to have permanent lodging with suitable care whilst receiving an education. This school would also be able to provide an education for many of our sponsor children.

    Through the help of two key sponsors, one from Canada who has donated $US28000 and Sue Oliver from Australia who raised $AUD5000, Ghormu School will be re-build asap and will be the foundation project for which the other projects will be based.

    Any school resources are always graciously received.

    Jibajibe High School Library/Resource Centre

    HHCP plans to build a school library/resource centre in Jibajibe High School equipped with readers, computers and science equipment.

    Unfortunately Jibajibe High School has yet to secure a donor to re-build the school after being demolished in the earthquakes of 2015. Once the school has been re-build HHCP will then build the resource centre with $US8000 raised by Bastien, Chris, Solene and Andreas

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