• Girl 2 Girl April 2016

    girl-to-girl-project-1With the help of a $US500 donation the Girl2Girl sanitation programme began in May 2016 when three young village education sponsored girls were trained to sew eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads.

    In June overseas volunteers Jennie, Joe & Rebecca put together a power point presentation about the importance of female sanitation, health & hygiene with menstrual cycles. They then travelled to the remote village of Jbajibe in the Rasuwa District of Nepal. With the help of 7 young local girls they ran their education programme and distributed 200 kits to the teenage girls of North Pole School and Gosainkunda High School.

    We have received great feedback with not only the young girls accepting and using the recyclable pads but their mothers are also now using them!!!

    The donors from Canada, Patrick & Laura Hessel, were so impressed with the outcome they immediately pledged a further $US2000 to continue the programme throughout other local high schools.

6 Responsesso far.

  1. Rhonda Taylor says:

    I’m willing to collect donations in Sydney and make a bulk payment to support this wonderful project, thus saving some paperwork for HHCP. Will keep you abreast of my progress.
    With love and appreciation of the great work of all at HHCP,

  2. HHCP Nepal says:

    Thank you Rhonda, you are wonderful.
    Kind regards

  3. Laura Hessel says:

    I was overjoyed to see the positive response to the first Educational Seminar on Women’s Personal Hygiene. Thank you for the video showing many of the volunteers who helped this become a reality.
    Well done to one and all!

  4. HHCP Nepal says:

    Thank you Laura for your all help but still many miles to go to make a difference to those Himalayas communities.

  5. Laura Hessel says:

    You are very welcome. Everyone’s small efforts keep gaining to strengthen their futures. Improvements mean you are helping many in your country!

  6. Laura Hessel says:

    Hopefully during this next Monsoon season more girls can help sew up more Hygiene kits to be given out!!!