• Clothes distribution

    In November 2015 we organised a clothes distribution in the area that was hit by the earthquake. 5 young volunteers from France and Switzerland brought in their collected items which were brought up to Ghormu together with a bigger amount from Australia. Andreas from Switzerland shares his experience of this day:

    “Having a lot of clothes you don’t wear anymore isn’t usually the reason for a special excitement. Having them with you in a remote village of Nepal definitely changes this circumstance. When we arrived in Kathmandu we were fully packed with bags and backpacks filled to a certain amount with clothes to give. In the Rasuwa district we found a village to look for new owners for them. After a walk of 3 hours on a street that was partly destroyed by landslides we arrived at the school of Ghormu, rebuilt with some galvanised iron after the big earthquake. It’s lying on top of a tree covered hill, offside any other houses and it’s the destination of many children of the surrounding area who often have to walk there for more than an hour. Even the teacher himself has his 3 hours forth and back to bear each day. We were warmly welcomed by a nice potato meal. After this the collected clothes were laid out on a large tarpaulin and we started to sort them by size. The people surrounding us were mainly children and younger people. They were in a mood between curious and a bit shy, watching carefully what was going on. Children got a first go with our girls choosing some matching pieces for them with a lovely accuracy.  As none of the teenagers and young adults was tall at all it became more challenging to find a match for them with adult clothes. Nevertheless we gave it a try and found many happy recipients there – sometimes after funny moments of seeing them with a way too large piece tried on.”

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