HHCP School Sponsorship

Adopt a school and improve the quality of education of dozen of children.

HHCP Goat Sponsorship

Goats are capable of producing a pair of kids every 6-12 months. Help families reach self-sustainability!

HHCP Pig Sponsorship

Offer families an ongoing income from the pigs that will help break the cycle of poverty.

HHCP Volunteering

Immerse yourself in our culture by joining one of our volunteering program.

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Sponsor a child

The illiteracy rate in rural Nepal is 85-100%. Educating the children is the most powerful method for eradicating poverty. Sponsored children are chosen from the most vulnerable families and being sponsored often gives them increased visibility and importance in the community.

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Give a gift that grows

Goats and pigs give a much-needed income boost by providing offspring. Goats often give birth to twins, and pigs can give birth to multiple piglets which can then be sold to provide the family with much needed income. Goats and pigs can also flourish in harsh climates whilst producing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens.

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Discover our projects

HHCP projects are community projects that improve the lives of the disadvantaged. They encourage rural Nepali’s to discover their own abilities and skills to create permanent solutions for better educational opportunities and facilities, basic health and hygiene, and income generation. We are about “helping these communities to help themselves”.

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Get involved

If you are interested in culture and travel, can provide specialised skills and being personally involved in the well-being and education of these communities, then maybe volunteering might be the thing for you. Alternatively explore opportunities for helping from home by assembling sanitation kits, knitting, fundraising etc. Apply to Volunteer

Donate to HHCPN

If you make a donation to HHCP Nepal, not only will you be helping make a difference to the lives of children and families in remote Rasuwa, Nepal, but 100% of your donation goes directly to these projects. HHCP Nepal has ZERO running costs, all work towards this Nepali based non-profit organization is volunteer. Donate now.

Apply to Volunteer

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    Ghormu Village and school were entirely decimated in the 2015 earthquakes.
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"The High Himalayan Community Projects in the remote Rasuwa District of Nepal will in future serve as a blueprint to other rural Nepali areas as to preserving traditional cultures yet transforming the world in which they live helping to break the cycle of poverty."

Margot Dickson, Australia

I appreciate the family-like atmosphere HHCPN team provides as well as an avenue to meet like-minded friends in Nepal. I will never forget your hospitality and willingness to help me in all of my, trekking, sight-seeing and volunteering endeavors. I really felt like HHCPN’s first priority was to make sure all the volunteers were comfortable and happy.

Melisa, Melbourne Australia, Teaching Volunteer, 4 weeks

I think this is a perfect opportunity to get out and help a group of people who have been through so much, and to live in a very different environment. I have a much greater understanding of disabled persons, and an appreciation of how life lived simply can be just as exciting. Anyone who has spent time with local rural Nepali families will know the excitement.

Tim, Belgium, Volunteer in local health post

Teaching in Rural village Nepal was such a worthwhile experience, not only for me but for the kids I taught as well. The impact you make on the school is something that benefits the children massively, allowing them to experience fun and a different method of teaching. Volunteering is a great way to see the world, whilst benefiting others.

Ricardo, USA, English teacher